Math = Love: DEAL ALERT: Dry Erase Pockets from Amazon

Sunday, May 14, 2017

DEAL ALERT: Dry Erase Pockets from Amazon

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  

If you spend any time on my blog at all, you will quickly learn that I love my dry erase pockets!  I have several sets of 9" x 12" dry erase pockets that fit 8.5" x 11" paper and a set of 11" x 17" dry erase pockets that hold 11" x 17" cardstock for larger, group activities.  

Amazon currently has an awesome deal on their 9" x 12" dry erase pockets!  As of the time of this posting, they are only $11.02 for a set of 25.  This makes them just over 44 cents each.  I have NEVER seen them this cheap before!  

I honestly believe that every classroom needs a set of these!  My students are willing to take much bigger risks with a dry erase marker in their hand than they will with pencil and paper.  Plus, these make it so easy for me as a teacher to produce quality, reusable activities in almost no time at all.  I spend less time at the copy machine, and my students are engaged throughout the class period.

The possibilities for using these are endless.  You can print any activity, slide it inside, and be ready to go.  Here are a few ideas for using them if you need some convincing.

Venn Diagrams

Periodic Table of Mistakes

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Spider Puzzles

Workmat for Finding Five Number Summary and Checking for Outliers

Can You Level the Towers?  - An Activity for Understanding Finding the Mean

Simplifying Radicals Work Mat

Farkle Score Sheet

Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions

Practicing Finding Domain and Range From a Graph

5-4-3-2-1 Challenge

Combining Like Terms Maze

Are you convinced?  Click here to pick up a class set.  I guarantee that you will love them!  


  1. Thanks! I've been wanting to get these for a while, so I just ordered them. Can't wait to use them.

  2. I always use page protectors, but these look must sturdier. Great price! Can't wait to try them next year! Thanks!

  3. I used these regularly the first half of the year, but I couldn't get the pens to last very long. Which ones do you use and how do you keep them working?